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Passionately committed to nurturing and developing differently-abled as well as able bodied athletes in the Limpopo.

The Summit Africa Foundation Sponsorship of IsAbility

The Summit Africa Foundation has provided a significant sponsorship to IsAbility. The primary intended use of this sponsorship is to enhance IsAbility's education programmes. In partnership with Jumping Kids, IsAbility plans to collaborate with the Special school, with an objective to identify students suitable for transition to mainstream schools. The sponsorship will directly finance the initiation of new student's transition into mainstream education. Additionally, there's a recognised need to support learnerships for senior disabled youth. IsAbility, having successfully launched one such learnership this year and maintaining contacts with several FET and vocational colleges, is prepared to facilitate another, with potential candidates already in consideration.

About IsAbility

IsAbility, Limpopo, is a sports club dedicated to raising awareness of opportunities for differently-abled and able-bodied athletes, and is the beneficiary of many years of compelling support by CrestCare Zoutpansberg Private Hospital, one of Summit’s Fund portfolio companies. Their mission is to spotlight these talents and nurture them to compete at provincial, national, and even international levels.

For many, IsAbility offers an avenue to embrace sports for social interaction and physical well-being. Recognising the transformative power of sport in integrating people with disabilities into society, the club aims to bridge the developmental gap for disabled athletes in the region. Our foundation is proud to sponsor IsAbility, as they echo our belief in creating a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has an equal shot at pursuing their passions.

Bursary Programme

IsAbility offers a bursary programme tailored for physically disabled learners currently attending LSEN Schools in Vhembe. This programme aims to facilitate their enrolment in mainstream schools, enhancing their academic prospects for future career and study opportunities. Concurrently, these students can benefit from the IsAbility coaching programme, honing their sporting potential.

The Development of Local Athletes

IsAbility provides funding to facilitate the classification of local para-athletes and able-bodied athletes, paving the way for their development to compete at Provincial, National, and International levels. Additionally, they invest in centralised equipment that benefits athletes from the surrounding areas. Moreover, they dedicate resources to coaching, mentoring, and developing highly talented local athletes who have showcased the capability and determination to excel nationally and internationally.

Fit to Fly

The "Fit-to-fly" project is dedicated to providing customised equipment, such as standing and sitting frames, to individuals with cerebral palsy and other physical impairments affecting posture and mobility. While a general blueprint exists for these frames, each piece is meticulously tailored to ensure comfort and cater to the unique needs of every recipient. The project's name, "Fit-to-fly", encapsulates its ethos: by offering a precise fit, the equipment elevates patients' physical and emotional well-being, empowering them to believe in achieving the seemingly impossible, metaphorically allowing them to "fly". This initiative champions the idea that with the right support, both physically and mentally, we all have the potential to surpass our perceived limits.

The Development of Local Sporting Facilities

IsAbility plans to develop and fund a state-of-the-art central facility in Limpopo Province. The facility will be designed to be accessible for both able-bodied and physically challenged athletes. The venue aims to serve a broader community and set a new standard in inclusive sports facilities.

Jumping Kids Campaign

IsAbility, in partnership with Jumping Kids, provides prosthetic equipment to children with lower limb amputations or deficiencies. Through concerted fundraising efforts, they ensure children from previously disadvantaged communities in Limpopo have access to high-quality prosthetics and rehabilitation. These devices not only empower the children but also open doors to mainstream education and sports activities for them.

IsAbility Projects

Vhutuhawe Nemutandani: Standing Taller in the Face of Challenge

From Limpopo emerges a story of resilience and determination in the form of Vhutuhawe Nemutandani, or Vhutu as he's warmly known. Born with tibial hemimelia, life presented its hurdles early on with the amputation of both his legs and the passing away of his mother. With the care and support of his guardian, Vutu attended the Special School in Vhembe.

His path took an uplifting turn in 2018 when IsAbility and Jumping Kids equipped him with prosthetic limbs. This marked more than just physical support; it was the start of a new chapter. By 2021, with the aid of the Footprints and Jumping Kids programme, Vhutu seamlessly integrated into a mainstream independent school in Louis Trichardt. Here, he found a mentor and a guardian angel in Nellie Gora, a Maths teacher at the school, who oversees his academic journey and daily needs. Today, Vhutu stands proud in grade 7, consistently ranking among the top ten in his grade.

Beyond the classroom, Vhutu's influence spreads as the IsAbility Limpopo Junior ambassador, fostering awareness across schools. And in the sports arena, he's no less remarkable. He showcased his prowess at the Toyota SA #SASAPD National #ParaAthletics Championships, setting two National Records. Affiliated with the IsAbility Sports Club Limpopo and having connections with Paralympian Sheryl James, Vhutu's future looks promising. Vhutu's spirit is an inspiration.

Vhutu's story has inspired the Summit Africa Foundation to provide sponsorship to IsAbility that can be used to amplify the transformative work already in motion. IsAbility, in collaboration with Jumping Kids, plans to revisit the Special School where Vhutu began his educational journey to identify more students capable of transitioning to mainstream education.

The financial support from our foundation will be a cornerstone in facilitating the early stages of another deserving student's journey toward quality education. Beyond this, IsAbility is set on expanding learnerships for senior disabled youth, a pressing need in our communities. With ties already established with several FET and vocational colleges and potential candidates in view, our financial contribution is ready to accelerate these important initiatives, opening doors and unlocking opportunities for the next generation.

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