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Providing financial support to deserving students, with a particular focus on the education of black girls.

Helping Girls Reach for Their Dreams

The Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship Programme was established by the Summit Africa Foundation with a vision to empower the next generation of girls through education. Recognising the immense potential of young minds and the barriers they often face in pursuit of academic excellence, the programme seeks to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. The scholarship aims to nurture promising students by providing financial assistance and resources, enabling them to further their education and become change agents in their respective fields and communities.

About Nicholas Mlungiseleli Xhegwana:

Hailing from Port Elizabeth, now known as Gqeberha, Nicholas Mlungiseleli Xhegwana emerged from challenging beginnings to etch his name as a towering figure in financial services. Spending nearly a quarter of a century in the industry, Nicholas was more than just a professional; he was a beacon of mentorship, guiding countless managers in honing their business and market development strategies. His leadership style was marked by selflessness, and he avidly supported various industry organisations and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiatives. Despite achieving immense success, he consistently prioritised the growth of others. His dream was to establish a foundation dedicated to the education of black girls. At 50, when he passed away, the industry lost a stalwart, but his spirit lives on through the Summit Africa Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship that celebrates and furthers his vision.

The Johannesburg Ballet Aspirants Programme

In 2022, the Summit Africa Foundation Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship Program was proudly awarded to a young lady with towering aspirations, Ms Taliah Coleman.

The Johannesburg Ballet Aspirant Programme is a golden career gateway for budding ballet dancers. This program enables aspirants to train alongside a professional ballet company for a full year, truly immersing them in the life of a professional ballet dancer. It offers young dancers the chance to evaluate their physical and mental preparedness for the demanding nature of a ballet career. Those who earn a spot in this coveted program can participate in Joburg Ballet's company classes, rehearsals, and even grand productions. After a rigorous year of training, aspirants undergo an evaluation, and based on their performance and available positions, they might be presented with contracts to join the ranks of the Joburg Ballet.

Newbridge Graduate Institute

In 2023, the Summit Africa Foundation Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship Program was awarded to a student from NewBridge, Ms. Onalenna Dawn Ditle.

Formerly recognised as Centurion Academy, the NewBridge Graduate Institute is a trusted educational institution with an impressive 22-year legacy. As a registered and accredited provider, NewBridge offers diverse qualifications tailored to ensure student engagement, motivation, and genuine enjoyment during their academic journey. Beyond traditional academic programs, NewBridge prides itself on delivering a contemporary and responsive educational model. It provides registered qualifications and equips students with valuable skills-based education. The institution's environment is meticulously designed to furnish students with tools vital for adapting to our dynamic world, ensuring they are prepared for their chosen careers.

Institutions the Foundation has worked with

Introducing Onalenna Dawn Ditle: The 2023 Recipient of the Summit Africa Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship

This year, the Summit Africa Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship has found a genuinely deserving recipient in Ms. Onalenna Dawn Ditle, a young lady whose resilience, determination, and passion for sports shine brightly in the face of adversity.

From her early days, Onalenna showcased her athletic prowess, engaging in sports like rugby, netball, softball, and athletics. These pursuits honed her physical abilities and cultivated leadership and communication skills, key traits that she's carried into her academic and personal life. A torn ligament injury in high school halted her direct participation, but it serendipitously steered her towards a managerial and consumerist angle in sports, aligning seamlessly with her career ambitions.

Yet, the journey hasn't been without its challenges. Onalena lost her father to COVID-19 in 2021, followed closely by the passing of her grandmother and uncle. These losses were profound for Onalenna, who also lost her mother at the tender age of eight. But instead of letting grief consume her, they became a testament to her incredible strength and determination, motivating her to cherish life and its opportunities even more.

Now, as a student at Newbridge, Onalenna is poised to dive deep into the world of sports media, a domain she's grown to love. The scholarship will cover all her tuition costs until she graduates in 2024, allowing her to concentrate on her passion and, in time, contribute to raising awareness about the boundless opportunities in the sports industry.

Her heartfelt motivation letter to the Summit Africa Foundation echoed gratitude and ambition, capturing the essence of why she is a perfect fit for this scholarship. The Summit Africa Nicholas Xhegwana Scholarship Program is proud to support Onalenna Dawn Ditle in her quest for success and looks forward to witnessing her future achievements.

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