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The power of education and mentorship is its ability to propel individuals forward, especially those facing systemic obstacles on their journey to success.

The Summit Africa Foundation and the Efficient Ulwazi Education Trust

The Summit Africa Foundation employs an approach which is primarily designed to select CSR initiatives supported by our Fund portfolio companies. Our commitment is deeply rooted in the belief of empowering growth, education, and mentorship for individuals facing obstacles in their path to success. The selection is not just based on the worthiness of the cause but also its alignment with our core values and its potential to foster positive societal change. This year, we're pleased to spotlight the Efficient Ulwazi Education Trust as the recipient of an initial financial award and ongoing partnership from the Foundation.

About the Initiative

The aim of the trust is twofold. It aims to close the information gap in various local languages and empower people to make informed financial decisions. To do this, it has partnered with the Wealth Academy to train unemployed young people made vulnerable by poverty with the indispensable education and soft skills needed to flourish as financial advisors. Their vision is to reshape the industry by providing financial advisors who can service clients previously side lined due to linguistic, cultural, or educational challenges. It also offers bursaries to promising candidates in need, enabling them to complete their studies.

Efficient Benefit Consulting

Efficient Benefit Consulting is a specialist independent employee benefit consulting company that focuses on providing customised, value­-added retirement fund solutions to members, employers and boards of trustees.

Wealth Planning

The Wealth Planning team provides assistance to advisors in preparing proposals related to Investment Planning and Estate Planning for their clients.

The Wealth Advice service

The Wealth Advice service offers a range of features including an annual review of investments, management of current products, guidance on additional investments, and handling of new business. Additionally, clients can receive assistance with their wills from EFBOE.

The goal is to train and up skill the interns as financial advisors, ready for employment within the following areas in Efficient Group or within the financial services industry.

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