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Accelerating the advancement of black female chartered accountants.

The Summit Africa Foundation in Partnership with the AWCA

We hold a deep sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting the funds we manage and investing for a sustainable, equitable world. For every decision we make, we consider its impact on our investors, our portfolio company and our community. Impact is all about outcomes. We start by taking a long look down the road to envisage the outcome we want to see.

About the AWCA

The African Women Chartered Accountants Forum, otherwise known as AWCA, was established in 2002, following an urgent need for a platform where African women CAs(SA) could support each other on their respective career journeys and advance the number of new entrants in the profession. The first female CA qualified in 1917. However, the profession only gained its first Black female CA(SA) when Ms. Nonkululeko Gobodo qualified in 1987. In 2002, Black, Coloured and Indian female Chartered Accountants sat at a stagnant 407. By May 2022, the number had increased to 8588.

The AWCA approach 

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