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Happy-Girl Buthelezi stands out as a seasoned emerging markets strategist and investor, bringing to the table over two decades of unparalleled experience in international business development. With an impressive track record of investing, allocating capital, and generating shareholder value, she has showcased her prowess across diverse sectors. These range from Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Financial Services to Infrastructure, Healthcare, Manufacturing / Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and Food and agriculture.

Buthelezi's commitment to integrating development impact objectives and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards into investment and business strategies is also noteworthy. This focus has empowered her to play a crucial role in fostering more inclusive and sustainable societies in her work.

Geographically, her extensive experience spans a broad spectrum, with a deep-rooted understanding of countries such as South Africa, Southern Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, DRC, Rwanda, and Mozambique.

Happy-Girl is a Director at ABSA CIB in the Growth Capital Solutions business, which is mandated to provide finance to black-controlled companies in Africa. She also serves as an independent Advisory Council member at Thebe Investment Corporation. As she looks ahead, Buthelezi is keen to advance her diversified career. She aspires to establish a non-executive board portfolio with a particular interest in contributing to the Investment Committee, Audit & Risk Committee, and ESG/Impact Committee. This direction in her professional journey underscores her commitment to business growth and societal impact.

Happy-Girl Buthelezi

Independent IC member - Private Equity

B.Com (University of Natal), Diploma in Management Accounting, Diploma in Tax, MBA (UCT Business School)

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