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Rene Siebert is the newest addition to Summit Africa's Operations department, stepping into the role of Fund Accountant and administrator. She has extensive experience and expertise in finance and accounting. With qualifications from the University of Potchefstroom, including a B.Com in Management and Cost Accounting and an Honours degree, Rene has demonstrated proficiency in various financial disciplines.

Her career spans roles at Standard Bank, Panasonic, Stannic, Deutsche Bank, Nike SA, Ethos Private Equity, and NCP ChloorChem, where she excelled in financial reporting, tax calculations, balance sheet reconciliations, and management accounts. Rene's skills in fund accounting, tax preparation, and financial management, alongside her proficiency in numerous financial systems and software, equip her to make a significant contribution to Summit Africa.

Rene Siebert

Fund Accountant and Administrator

B.Comm Management and Cost Accounting, Hon. B.Comm Management and Cost Accounting

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