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Since completing her articles at EY, Sarika has built an 11-year career across finance, commerce, corporate finance, and private equity. Her journey began in the finance and commerce sectors at Maitland and Grindrod. Subsequently, she spent seven years sharpening her skills in corporate finance and private equity, gaining invaluable experience at notable firms such as EY, Grindrod, and RisCura.

Throughout her career, Sarika has been actively involved in the management and execution of transactions across a variety of industries. She has demonstrated a particular affinity for the financial services and healthcare sectors. Her wide-ranging responsibilities have encompassed the preparation of information memorandums, the review and performance of due diligence, participation in negotiation processes, asset valuation, and portfolio management.

Sarika Ramithlal

Senior Associate – Private Equity

Bachelor of Accounting (University of Witwatersrand), CA (SA)

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