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Social Infrastructure

Invest to create growth with impact where it matters

Our investment approach centers on managing assets and curating social infrastructure opportunities that make a meaningful difference in society.

Our investment formula is simple: growth + impact = extraordinary outcomes. As seasoned specialists in alternative investments, we envision investment growth, societal benefit, and sustainability not as isolated ideals but as facets of a unified strategy.

Our Social Infrastructure Fund offers pension funds and institutional investors a platform to shape, broaden, and own pivotal healthcare and education infrastructure throughout South Africa. Half of these developments will be rooted in peri-urban, rural, and township landscapes.

We champion rigorous standards, ensuring each asset in our portfolio exemplifies excellence in development and management. This guarantees that the legacy of our infrastructure remains robust and influential long after our involvement concludes. Our ultimate vision? Every child in South Africa has access to quality education without financial strain, and the lack of affordable, top-tier healthcare doesn't compromise any South African's health and productivity.

Central to our strategy is collaboration. We partner with skilled and seasoned operators, helping them grow and refine their businesses without the worries of investing in property infrastructure. This synergistic approach fosters sustainable societal impact and consistently generates robust risk-adjusted returns, regardless of market fluctuations.


Deal origination

We emphasize non-speculative, tenant-driven developments. We strategically choose attractive locations to establish long-term, triple-net leases with our trusted tenants. These tenants understand and recognize the crucial role of property maintenance in ensuring their operations run efficiently.

Disciplined due diligence

Our due diligence takes a thorough, in-depth approach, concentrating on the property, tenant, and lease. While pinpointing risk areas, we also seek opportunities to enhance and expand our properties, ensuring mutual, long-term benefits for us and our tenants.

Sustainable value creation

We're more than just landlords; we're partners to our tenants. Actively identifying potential challenges, we address issues before they grow. Likewise, we spot and collaborate on opportunities, including ESG factors, to boost efficiency and growth for shared benefits.

Transformation & Impact

Education and Healthcare in peri-urban and rural areas have traditionally lacked the needed infrastructure investment. Many landlords, whether property developers or affluent family offices, often remain 'untransformed' with little emphasis on ESG or authentic societal impact. We're different. By partnering with capable operators, we aim to meet the distinct needs of the African community, enabling wealth transformation, job creation, and community upliftment.

Long-term value add

We aim to build infrastructure that's both practical and lasting. It's about enhancing South Africans' quality of life today and ensuring communities benefit from our investments for generations to come.

We follow a measured approach to investing

Our investment themes

Our three core impact themes guide each fund's investment focus and sector selection. Chosen in alignment with the South African National Development Plan (NDP2030) and the IRIS+ objectives, these themes demonstrate a tangible social impact.

  • Our investments generate direct job opportunities, both in the construction phase and afterwards. We rigorously prioritise BBBEE Status and black and black female ownership in our procurement process. Additionally, we closely track and report on job creation amongst our tenants, embedding these reporting criteria in new leases executed by the Fund.

  • Our investments benefit local SMMEs and have a ripple effect on community prosperity. For each R1 million our Fund invests, it's estimated that local communities see an increase of up to R1 million in annual income.

  • Our investments align with the objectives of SDG 4 and SDG 3 and also meet the targets set out in the National Development Plan. By fostering education, we empower the youth with essential skills, enabling them to secure jobs or set up their own businesses, which in turn has a multiplier effect on economic growth.

We capitalise on bold opportunities through our investment specialisation, yielding extraordinary outcomes for both our fund investors and partnership companies.

Portfolio construction

Our investment strategy revolves around purpose-built Healthcare and Education infrastructure investments strategically located in underserved communities. We forge partnerships with seasoned operators to bring quality, affordable services to these areas, delivering not only social impact but also promising returns for our investors. We look ahead, mitigating risk by maintaining a balanced portfolio of income-generating and development properties throughout the Fund's commitment period, ensuring a bright future for all stakeholders.


Summit Social Infrastructure Fund I

 Healthcare and Education Infrastructure

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