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Extraordinary outcomes

At the heart of our operations is a deep sense of responsibility guiding how we manage our Funds' investments. We strive to ensure that our decisions benefit not only our investors but also our portfolio companies and the community at large. Recognising that true impact manifests in tangible outcomes, we continually challenge norms and probe the transformative power of our investments. We pose questions that encourage us to reimagine possibilities in sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and education. By intertwining these probing questions with our fiduciary responsibility and investment expertise, we facilitate growth with impact that leads to extraordinary outcomes.

Impact focused strategy

We carefully research and invest in catalytic sectors that create jobs, improve communities and promote transformation, diversity and inclusion. By investing in companies that strengthen our African communities' social and economic development, we provide greater value to our Institutional and Pension Fund clients. 

Building resilience

We are committed to building resilient businesses that positively impact communities. We have developed rigorous ESG frameworks and impact strategies that we use across the investment process with measurable outcomes.

Adding value

Our diversely skilled team of investment and value add specialists bring a tremendous amount of value addition to the partner companies we invest in. We help our partner companies to achieve scale and increased impact. 

What happens when you combine impact with a strong sense of fiduciary and investment expertise?

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Industry recognition

2023 - Best ESG Fund of the Year

2022 - African Emerging Manager of the Year

2023 - South African Manager of the Year

2022 - South African Manager of the Year

2022 Top Private Equity Manager in Africa | Sustainability Themed Investment & ESG Integration (out of 2,640 funds from 382 fund managers in Africa)


Black women serving on the board


Share of black women on the Fund's Investment Committees


 Women ownership in Summit Africa


Women serving on boards of portfolio companies


Share of women within the workforce of investee companies

Advancing gender equality within Summit Africa

Our commitment to gender equality, diversity & transformation

Each investment opportunity presented to the investment committee clearly outlines how our investee will contribute toward our Fund’s impact targets around gender equality, diversity and transformation. In the context of South Africa’s past, this process is instrumental to improving the economic participation of women and previously disadvantaged persons within the workplace and the economy. 

In addition, we have committed to investing with a gender lens using the 2X Challenge criteria. The 2X Challenge is a global gender finance initiative first launched in 2018 by the development finance institutions of the G7 countries, with the aim of mobilizing investment that supports projects that empower women and enhance their economic participation.

Committed capital with a target allocation towards investment sectors with Social upliftment









Private Equity



Social Infrastructure

When we work as partners, the possibilities are endless. We transform ideas into reality and ambitious goals into something extraordinary.

Aligned partnership

When we take responsibility and ownership for the money we manage and the work we do, we have the power to make a lasting impact.

Integrous stewardship

When we value the seeds of innovation - diversity, creativity and collaboration - we think beyond boundaries and unlock limitless possibilities.

Inspiring innovation

When we are committed to continuous learning and refuse to be deterred by challenges, we set ourselves apart as impact leaders in our industry.

Pioneering excellence

Our values are part of everything we do here. They shape our actions and bring our vision to life.

Imagine you had the power to effect real change?

Our vision is to create a significant social and economic transformation of our African society through innovative solutions that deliver sustainable value for all stakeholders

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Summit Africa was built to create extraordinary outcomes

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Join our team and make an impact

Follow us on our LinkedIn page or email us to enquire if there are any current job openings at Summit Africa.

Founded in 2016, Summit Africa has become a leading black-owned & managed specialist alternative investment manager

We provide pension funds and institutional investors access to markets and strategies that create sustainable impact and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles. 

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