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What you do is as important to us as it is to you.

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"It's in the collision of our different ideas, experiences, and backgrounds that our team shapes solutions that are both transformative and impactful."

Tomi Amosun, Founding Partner

What's your extroardinary?

We hold a deep sense of responsibility in protecting the funds we manage and investing for a sustainable, equitable world. Every decision we make considers the impact on our investors, our portfolio companies, and our community. For us, impact is all about outcomes.

We start by envisioning the long-term outcomes we want to achieve. We ask critical questions such as, what happens if people no longer have to drive four hours to receive medical care? What happens if people can save for their future by accessing financial products in their mother tongue? What happens to a nation if there is no longer a shortage of quality education?

Now, imagine combining these questions with a strong sense of fiduciary duty and investment expertise. The result? Extraordinary outcomes.

Grow professionally & personally

Summit is who Summit is because some of South Africa's most dedicated and passionate people make an impact in the lives of others with our investment strategies. When you work at Summit you will be a part of a small but dedicated team who all want to succeed.  We understand that continuous learning through up-skilling and re-skilling is essential to keep up with changing demands.


Summit up-skill their team through Personal Development Plans that are outlined in quarterly check-ins with a mentor. Our check-ins are meant to develop the whole person with an equal level of emphasis on how personal life and professional progress are developing to make life meaningful. We also have yearly professional development seminars focusing on technical skills and personal growth.

Equal pay for equal work

At Summit Africa, we make sure women earn the same as men performing similar work. Our compensation philosophy is skill-based with a pay-for-performance element. We recognise and reward exceptional talent, and our compensation structure is designed to incentivise continuous growth and development. 

Be healthy

At Summit Africa, our "Be Healthy" initiative champions holistic well-being. We provide nutritious lunches in the office every Tuesday and Thursday and grant all staff memberships to Discovery Gym for physical fitness. Our wellness programmes cater to mental health, whilst involvement in the Summit Africa Foundation promotes social well-being. We're dedicated to ensuring you have the resources to thrive both personally and professionally.

Take time

We love our work, but we're great believers in having a healthy work-life balance. We want you to be a happy and whole person. Whether you're taking that family vacation, welcoming a new child, or recovering from illness, rest assured that your needs will be met.

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Summit Africa is a place where diversity fuels creativity, drives problem-solving and leads to breakthrough investment solutions that positively impact our communities.


Portrait of staff at Summit Africa
"Summit is very supportive of me as a working mum, so I am able to thrive both personally and professionally. Being part of a team that fearlessly champions impact and transformation is a privilege. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth and adaptation."
Portrait of staff at Summit Africa
"One of the greatest sources of personal and professional growth has been the profound understanding and appreciation I have gained for the tangible impact our investments have on the communities and societies in which I was raised."
Portrait of staff at Summit Africa
"The Summit team is all about being purpose driven. The people are authentic and real, and there is huge opportunity for personal growth in the company. The culture is entrepreneurial, hardworking, and family orientated."

Do more than just work,  make an impact.

We value the free flow of information across our organization, which is why we maintain a relatively flat structure organized by functional specialties. ESG experts lead ESG, investment experts lead investments, and operational experts lead operations.

We appreciate the ideas of everyone, from new hires to founders. We encourage individuals to delve into the details and engage in collaborative debates. This mentorship-driven leadership fosters innovation, creativity, and agility, enabling us to adapt to changing dynamics.

We are committed to making a positive impact on people's lives, including our own team members. Our company offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth through skills development, mentorship, and the exploration of unique talents. We encourage you to roll up your sleeves, seek guidance when needed, and take ownership of your work.

Discover where you can make an impact at Summit Africa

young man helping mother with mobile banking
EFG actively trains and supports young, black financial advisors, contributing to industry transformation and fostering financial inclusion.

Join our team and make an impact

Follow us on our LinkedIn page or email us to enquire if there are any current job openings at Summit Africa.

When we work as partners, the possibilities are endless. We transform ideas into reality and ambitious goals into something extraordinary.

Aligned partnership

When we take responsibility and ownership for the money we manage and the work we do, we have the power to make a lasting impact.

Integrous stewardship

When we value the seeds of innovation - diversity, creativity and collaboration - we think beyond boundaries and unlock limitless possibilities.

Inspiring innovation

When we are committed to continuous learning and refuse to be deterred by challenges, we set ourselves apart as impact leaders in our industry.

Pioneering excellence

Work with a team that share your values

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