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29 November 2023

Summit Africa announces the maiden exit for its South Africa-focused Summit Private Equity Fund I.


21 April 2023

Summit Africa’s SPEF I Acquires Majority Stake in Custom Capital Finance


10 February 2023

Summit Africa Private Equity Fund I Acquires Controlling Interest in Life Path Health Group


23 November 2021

SPEF I Acquires 55% Stake in Apex Surgi Centre, Enhancing Healthcare Services in Soweto.

Summit Africa's SPEF I Achieves Maiden Exit with Efficient Group Sale

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Impact Insights:
Private Equity in Alternative Investments


What’s on the menu – ESG or Impact Investing?

Explore ESG vs. Impact Investing. Discover how these strategies differ and complement your sustainable investment approach for better portfolio performance.

Can Regulation 28 Revive Economic Growth?

Explore the potential of Regulation 28 to boost South Africa's real economy amid Covid-19, promoting sustainable growth through strategic pension fund investments.

Sustainable Investing: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Strategy

Discover why sustainable investing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy and how Private Equity adopts ESG factors for optimal growth and impact.

Embracing Responsible Investing for a Sustainable South African Future

Learn about the pivotal role of ESG in South Africa's corporate governance, promoting sustainable investment and ensuring long-term economic growth.

Private Equity's Place in the Pension Fund Investment Universe: Driving South Africa's Economic Growth

Private Equity's place in the pension fund investment universe and how it can drive South Africa’s economic growth and job creation.

The Business Case for ESG Integration

Explore the Business Case for ESG Integration in Investments: Discover how ESG considerations drive financial performance and sustainability. Learn from key studies and global investor insights.

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